Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Maya Takes Control Once and For All

After four full weeks of helping us get ready for and then adjust to our new life, Grandma Phyllis left this morning to head back to Boston. Or as she now prefers to be known, Nanna. And so the real test of our parenting abilities begins - no safety net, no barrier between us and outright control. Gulp.

Maya's been sleeping surprisingly well for a 2-week old human. But she does enjoy getting up well before the civilized world has even hit the snooze button once. So, once again, I'm left singing the praises of TiVo. Together we watch last night's Conan and C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" to get a jump on the day's wonky World news. Maya really likes to vary her sources, after all.

Lots more news to sample, but Maya's just about had it with the swing. Duty (and probably doodie) calls.

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