Monday, February 04, 2008

The day in between

Post-Super Bowl, pre-Super Tuesday - what a hype-filled moment for our Nation. So I'll take it light and let everyone off the hook. First of all, stunningly good Super Bowl. Given that my team was upset by the Giants, you'd possibly expect that I couldn't bear to watch the game. But I did. And after three rather uneventful quarters, the finale was thrilling. I've already emailed a few friends who are die-hard Giants fans, and they're over the moon. As they should be. A championship well-deserved.

In terms of tomorrow's Primaries, I'm expecting some big surprises. Chris Matthews will blow out a vein in his neck around 8pm, EST. Arianna Huffington's servers will thereafter explode after some doofus spills a $9 bottle of pinot gris amidst a celebratory back-office tryst. Rush Limbaugh will beat a deaf caddy to death with a 7-iron as the early East Coast exit polling hits his Blackberry. James Carville will finally agree to have sex with his wife (?), ending her 2,923rd day of the current dryspell. It should be quite a day, and I can't wait to see what actually happens.

Hope your own robo-calls feature Scarlett Johansson, or at least Jennifer Aniston today. Rock on.

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