Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama smells like victory

There's no way to de-spin the Joementum Barack Obama's got coming off yesterday's thumpin' in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Hillary is now, officially according to everyone's tallies, trailing in delegates. She lost yesterday in every imaginable demographic. Even pets. So her newbie campaign leaders chose to head to Texas for the weirdest concession speech in history to bolster her firewall strategy. Consider that for a moment. A Clinton. Relying upon Texas. To turn the tide. Holy crap. Hillary's over.

One catch up requirement on my part - I saw a gaggle of films a few weeks ago while my lovely wife and daughter were out of town. So before the Oscars pollute the collective opinion of filmlovers, I'll offer a few ratings.

"Cloverfield" - all hype, totally disposable cinema verite. An underwhelming C-plus.
"There Will Be Blood" - bleak, beautiful, surprisingly dull. Daniel Day Lewis is astonishing. But my rating is still a B.
"Charlie Wilson's War" - smart, more star-power than in years and years, also bleak. A solid B-plus.
"Persepolis" - best animated story in years, the most human story of the year. An astute A-minus. See it.

Hope your own delegates are super all day. Rock on.

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