Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Catch a winner with Mitt!"

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Alas, the Mittens are off. Somewhere right now, the Romney Family is strapping the dog to the roof of the station wagon as they prep to head off for a sober, sad ski weekend. But Mitt Romney dropping his utterly hilarious bid for the "sake of the Country and (his) Party" ain't worth more than a blip on the radar now being clogged with endlessly interesting dissection of the remaining Primaries for the Dems. Or, more importantly, the Delegates from said Primaries. If some of the smartest politicos are to be believed in their logic, there appears to be almost no way to prevent a brokered convention in Denver for the Dems. Say it together people - "soo per dell a guts". Get used to the sound. This may well be the one election cycle where even political junkies like me begin to question the nature of the condition.

Hope you own campaigns only suspend for chocolate breaks today. Rock on.

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