Saturday, February 09, 2008

Until today, I also thought that "caucus" sounded sorta dirty...

Here's a shout out to all you caucus (cough!) fans - long live loosely managed anarchy! I'm fresh off my first actual caucus here in Seattle for the Democrats running to be the next Prezidunt and I've got good news. My possibly misinformed fellow citizens/neighbors saw fit to nominate and confirm me as a delegate to the next stage as an Obama supporter. Which - to get all technical and such - means that myself and two others from my extended neighborhood go to the next level along with one Hillary Clinton delegate. Or as I hope she/he can be hereafter tagged - the HilliarityVote. My particular neighborhood broke 3 to 1 in favor of Obama. So I live in LatteVille. Contrary to what you might believe, I got drafted to be a delegate. Some thought it was my impassioned speech extolling my trust in Obama's character and transformational claim to the future. Others thought the fact that I wore shorts on a cloudy 45-degree day was inspirational. I'm sure there were those out there that just mistook me for a burly, hairless Rick Astley. Who cares - I'm through to Hollywood! Or, rather, the next level of delegate bunk here in King County in early April. Regardless, I am so gonna make this my quest. I am the next American Delegate Idol. Stay tuned.

Hope your own delusions include horrible 80s pop references today. Rock on.

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MaryRuth said...

congrats on your appointment.
Weirdly, this is the second Rick Astley reference I have heard in a week. And I had never heard of him before this, my co-workers had to fill me in.