Friday, February 29, 2008

Not to mention just how frickin' stupid Steve Forbes was in retrospect

Leap Day. What a horribly ironic name to be invoked on a day when the American stock markets get everyone headed for the windowsills. Overstated fearfulness? Assuredly. But if you want a more appropos sign of just how screwed we all might be by our departing flag-bearers, look only toward Dubya's presser yesterday when he denied the possibility of a recession while playing dumb (!) when it came to the utterly realistic suggestion of $4/gallon gas in the upcoming months. Superlatives will no longer suffice. This man is the dumbest public personage in the history of this Nation. Even if Warren Harding and Jim (Christopher Lloyd) from "Taxi" are graded on a curve.

In decidedly brighter news, Maya turned 3 this week. Her yearly medical check-up tagged her beefy, tall and ready to bring the hammer down if need be. Or just plain thriving. We hope y'all are equally bolstered by recent medical exams. Rock on.

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