Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say "hi" to your mother for me


With the Olympics winding down, I'm glad that I was reminded early this morning of one overriding principle that this quadrennial event promotes.  Hot people getting seriously busy with one another.  I applaud the fact that 100K condoms are handed out in the Olympic Village.  These athletes, after all, are in tip top condition and the finest physical specimens that their respective countries have to offer.  Not to mention that everyone in a northern global position this time of year innately seeks to share body heat, even if Vancouver is currently warmer than Dallas.  I was reminded by the replay of yesterday's ice dancing competition, as seen in replay form as I stretched before a run this morning.  The Canadian gold medal pair of Whatshisname Again and the virginal Tessa Virtue, especially.  Tessa Virtue, for the sake of Pete.  Followed by the Russian pair of Skanky Bonkski and Vigor Meshovits.  Or whatever their names are.  Regardless, thank you ice dancers of the world for putting some heat back on the ice.  Even if it's sibling heat, which is basically just wrong.  Except (apparently) in either Israel or New Jersey.

A few quickie reviews.  The new album by Hot Chip ("One Life Stand") has been in constant rotation for the past week in my brain.  Very throwback to 80s sounding clever pop, very hard not to get hooked on.  In a month I may never listen to this album again.  But for now, I give it a solid B rating.

The new HBO series "How To Make It In America" is a load of utter cast off runway trash.  Lindsey Lohan's label created more buzz.  I want this show canceled, and Mark Wahlberg should go back to underwear ads after producing this dreck.  My rating - a flat D-minus.  I'm only not pulling the F-rating out of storage because of Tessa Virtue.  But I'm not sure why.

Hope you say find another tagline to hang on Marky Mark that sticks like glue today.  Rock on.

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