Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sweet deception

Walking by the bakery in our nearest Whole Foods yesterday, I noticed a few real life examples of why we don't use Roman Numerals anymore.

It's maybe a little harder to read on the cake.  But there it is.  Repeatedly.  Super Bowl XLVI (or "46").  Since we're actually awaiting Super Bowl XLIV (or "44"), I pointed it out to a sweet blonde baker who blushed and shrugged.  


Maybe I should have offered to buy a few cupcakes at a discount to protect the children and random cheeseballs at today's Seattle viewing parties from this sacrilege.  I'd be willing to bet if someone bought an equivalently mis-decorated sweet vegan treat for a PETA event that a few letters to "Mother Jones" or Rachel Maddow would soon follow.  With well chosen adjectives and a very snarky font.  

But I let it go.  Still, if you encounter one of these cupcakes, dear Seattlite, take a stand for justice in our antiquated numbering systems and say put down the damn treat and go for a Rice Krispie bar instead.  And watch out for similar mistakes in your Olympics-themed frosted fun.  You're welcome.

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