Friday, February 26, 2010

"Searching for - a slightly younger Medicare-eligible cub"

 We're in the full-on spirit of Maya's Birthday countdown (it's tomorrow).  Grandparents visiting, party-planning all up in our collective grill, presents piled up in the closet - being on the cusp of the Big 5 is just about as cool as it gets for a kid.  Plus Maya gets the added benefit of having her birthday fall on Purim - the coolest by miles Jewish holiday on the calendar.  She's dressed up today as an Indian fairy princess (or a fairy Indian princess) wearing part of a beautiful outfit Sarah brought back from Nepal.  Expect plenty of photos of all the festivities to be posted over the weekend.

I need to hit a few quick low points to get them off my mind.  First of all, "The Ricky Gervais Show" on HBO is getting slammed as a waste of time.  I agree.  It's five years past cool.  But for his Mel Gibson introduction while hosting this year's Golden Globes, I renewed his pass for ill-advised comic efforts.  Still, my rating - a shoulda-been-an-F squishy D-minus.

I saw an ad early, early this morning on ESPN for a dating site named CougarLife.  I probably should be embarrassed to admit that I had to look at what they offered based on a commercial that would have even been cheesy on MTV in 1989.  No big surprise - creepy site with a sketchy intended purpose.  But self-possessed "Cougars" visiting the site encounter a default search for "Cubs" with an age range of "35 to 55".  So how old is a cougar these days?  90?  I think there needs to be an intermediary term.  I suggest possum.  Just the right dose of confusing double-entendre ready to roll in that.  You're welcome.

Hope you also waste the opportunity today to say something important with equally distracted baloney.  Rock on.

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