Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Plumbing Tip #47 - Never trust a free estimate from a guy named Joe, political or otherwise.

OK - let's skin this lipsticked pig. Last night's debate was the first time - I really believe this - the FIRST TIME that we had a moment of clarity in the general election battle between Barack Obama and John McCain. Obama, as is his singular talent, kept his cool amidst plenty of flak thrown up at him. McCain blinked and blinked and blinked and grimaced and gave everyone the impression that he couldn't believe what he was hearing from his opponent. It was the race in a nutshell - both sides have issues, both sides have tactics. But there are two people herein trying to win your vote. If McCain won over anyone with his "Joe the Plumber" routine, they were onboard to begin with and only wanting to court extra attention. What about the "Joe the Software Designer" or "Joe the Janitor" or "Joe the Sex Worker" voters not being mentioned in this tiresome back and forth. Unfortunately, I still fear the systems that both run and analyze our elections. Yet I embrace said systems, with a truly unbridled heart. Obama is the most talented politician I've seen in my lifetime. If he loses to McCain after this exposure to their comparative shortcomings, I firmly believe that I will not believe in our Nation any longer. Maybe because I'll then begin to truly question what it is that I think as it relates to what my fellow citizens think. Everyone's got a vote. And everyone's gotta vote. Period. Thereafter, let the chips fall...

Hope your own plumber doesn't charge you today to talk smack about how he's such a straight-talker unlike you, Mr./Ms. Paying-the-Bill-Guy/Gal. Rock on.

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