Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sarah Palin pals around with slednecks that couldn't even name one of the Weathermen besides Al Roker - which is worse?

The Brew Crew are done for the year. Philly looks pretty darn good and we just never got anywhere near hot. So it goes.

Of all the political ads that hit the wall like such a pile of mud, the latest Obama offering for whatever reason struck me as dead-on.

Maybe it's because, um, I'm totally in the tank for Barack. Or maybe because there's literally nothing to fact-check herein. For those that were hoping for a second Palin bump - hardy frickin' har. That moose has officially been hung and smoked.

One Maya nugget for those that read through all else for such details - she's got a new tagline that she using on both Sarah and me with regularity. "Let's talk about politics!" Seriously. It's not as scripted as our recent faux Marx Brothers routine (me/straightman: "What are you a Communist?", Maya: "No, I'm a Socialist."). But it absolutely kills. I think we'll take this one on the road. Keith Olbermann look out - you've got competition.

Hope your own Crew raises a Brew in tribute to me and you today. Rock on.

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