Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"ThatOne '08" steps up to the plate

Everyone sees what they want from a debate, no matter what it actually looked like. So what I took from last night's debate is as firm as Madonna's ass. Obama was cool and collected. McCain will have his dickish "that one" comment hung on his image for the rest of his televised life. That's how these things work, people. Make a condescending remark and get stuck with it like a bug in your own personal amber 'til the end of days (shout out to Sarah Palin on that one). I've been wrong before. I believed that Obama's comment about Hillary that she was "likable enough" would haunt his efforts. As if it didn't. So maybe not so much wrong as vaguely off the mark. But McCain last night looked like the angry old man (that he is), scooting off the stage after not shaking his opponent's hand (debatable), and just plain looking pissed that he had to deal with the utterly stupid "Town Hall" format that his campaign tried to unilaterally demand be honored. I offer one chestnut that is too often forgotten about McCain - he reportedly drinks a dozen or so cups of coffee a day. How would that serve you in situations where you needed to be even keel in the late evening? I tossed and turned until the wee hours because of a single hot chocolate after Maya went to bed. I'm just sayin'...

Hope your own condescending remarks aren't watched by approximately 42% of the Nation today. Rock on.

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MaryRuth said...

I just about spit my beer when I heard "that one". Oh my!
The other telling thing was at the end....Cindy standing with her hands clasped behind he back (so she wouldn't have to shake hands with "the little people") and standing two steps behind her little man...while Michelle is out there on her own, warmly greeting people.