Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Halloween Eve, McCain's got news for you - "you're all Joe the Plumber." Dang - I wanted to be Heatmiser again this year.

I'll not be the first to say so - Obama's infomercial last night was a bit puffy. Yet flat. Still, it works exactly as I expect was planned in this crazy final week. Each campaign is spending daily well over the $4M it cost for that half-hour in primetime. The replay effect is a well-worn consideration in the gaming of political advertising. I think Obama's big buy will get little full replay. But it surely realized the aim of dominating the discussion for at least a day's worth of blathering nonsense in these final daze. Once again, Obama has the best run operation I've ever seen in the history of post-modern campaigning. What do we get from McCain today to counter? An empty shout out to Joe the Plumber who wasn't even at the rally that McCain had to shlep 4000 schoolkids to in order to bump the numbers up to 6000. Watch for yourself.

Hope your own Barack O'Lantern are admired by all the neighbors today. Rock on.

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