Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And maybe tonight we'll go clubbin'...

Maya took to her 'Sconi Grandparents like a new congressperson to generous lobbyists. Grandma Joan and Grandpa Herb were largely content on their first day in SF to spend it inspecting their new grandchild. Today we assume the collective role of tourists at various sites around the city. The Ferry Building, North Beach, Fisherman's Wharf - some of the highlights on a quick and not-so-dirty cruise through the City. Herb, being a very curious 76-years-young, indicated an interest in seeing the Haight. Maybe we'll get him a tattoo or a funky facial piercing to show the fellas back at coffeetime on the farm. Regardless, check back for pics and a blow-by-blow a bit later.

The Washington Post does the best mark-up yet on Saturday's assault at Abu Ghraib. Zarqawi's group took responsibility. The U.S. military doesn't want to give credence to that claim, probably because they don't want to admit that the increased sophistication of the insurgents is a concern. But when an assault like this one injures 44 soldiers and catches everyone by surprise, the U.S. better pay attention. Unfortunately with all the focus on PopeTV, there's been little advance on this story until now.

Miracle of all miracles - the Brewers began their season yesterday with a 9-2 victory over the Pirates. The lineup's a buncha kids and cast-asides. But for the time being, Milwaukee's back in First Place, BABY! So for the time being, dreams of a return to the glory that was, um, 1982...ah, never mind.

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