Friday, April 15, 2005

Maya's First Run For the (Other) Border

Yesterday was Maya's one-month-ish check-up with her pediatrician. Sarah had class so I took sole charge of the shlepping. As with so many of her out-o'-the-House adventures, Maya was as calm and uneventfully nice as surf season in Northern Wisconsin. All minor concerns that we as new parents brought up as questions were pleasantly dismissed as hooey-like non-issues. And when the pediatrician (Laurie) first laid eyes on Maya, her reaction said all that needed to be said - "wow, what a pudgy baby!" The tale of the tape - Maya gained 3 lbs. 4 oz. since her first visit, meaning she now tips the scales at 11 lbs. and half an ounce. She also grew to 22 and a half inches long putting her at the 90th percentile in terms of height which allows her to carry her newly-earned bulk well. Laurie validated our opinions that Maya's a frisky, vocal youngin' and congratulated us on what I reported for her sleeping schedule. In other words, Maya's a studly little puppy, growing like a weed with lots of energy and mounds of delightfully stinky diapers left in her wake.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee delayed until Tuesday a vote on John Bolton because the Dems are trying to get more crackin' testimony from intelligence analysts that felt pressured by Mr. KissUp-KickDown. But there are some pretty big cracks in the Dems resolve already - Dick Durbin caved yesterday, it seems. There's talk of a filibuster, but that might just play into Frist's hands in his planning to push for the "nuclear option." As much as I hate to say it, I think that Dems should back off if Bolton gets Chaffee's vote and squeaks by with a 10-8 Committee approval. Save your powder for the bigger fight. Let Frist go forward with his moronic plan which might just further split his Party (McCain's already said he'll vote against the rule change to eliminate the filibuster). If Frist does, it should blow up in his face and greatly tarnish his plans for '08 (because that's what this is all about for "Please Call Me Doctor Senator" Frist, after all). On that note, the NYTimes continues with their "liberal conspiracy" efforts by reporting that Frist will be taking part in a telecast by Christian Conservatives meant to show that Dems are "against people of faith" when they block Dubya's judicial nominees. Just the most recent example of how running for Prez sure is "hard work." Massively hypocritical work, too.

The New Brew Crew continues to play decent ball. Hell, what am I saying...they're in Frickin' First Place in their Division with the second best record in the National League! Of course they're only 5-3 with a big series against the Cards on deck for this weekend. But let me enjoy these moments before reality begins to sink in.

Plenty of other news to comment on, but that will need to come a bit later. Maya's Aunt Katie and Uncle-to-be John are in town from New Jersey and there's fun to be had in the near term. And then tomorrow Sarah and I have a BIG adventure to undertake - we're taking Maya on her first trip! To Canada, no less. Montreal, to be precise. Sarah's got a conference and we'll have the chance to see some friends from Vermont who are cool enough to venture cross the border to meet us there. Just a few days, but a substantial adventure for Maya nonetheless. We spent a bit of time in Montreal pre-Maya when be lived in Burlington, but I love having the chance to head back to build on the little I've learned of that decidedly-European-feeling city. We'll be updating the blog with a mini-Canadian travelouge, so please check back. Hope your own travels or couch potato-ness this weekend is equally exciting.

Oh, and on the subject of border crossings, someone apparently told Dubya that the U.S. was prepping to require passports for trips to Canada and Mexico. His response after supposedly "reading it in the papers" (which I didn't think he did) was to remark "what's going on here?" Um, you signed the law, Mr. Prezidunt. May I suggest having someone read it next time before handing you the fancy pens.

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