Monday, April 04, 2005

Or maybe "reupholstering her Huggies"

I've gotten tired of one phrase in our newborn-rearing vocabulary - poopy diaper. Of course I realize that it's in the required lexicon for new parents ("does she have a poopy diaper?", "what an impressive poopy diaper!", "how could she cover her back in addition to creating such a poopy diaper?", etc.). But I need something more original. Even though I still repeatedly crack myself up with the Austin Powers line "who does Number Two work for" as uttered whenever Maya's really greasin' the skids, I want above all to keep this part of our daily lives fresh smelling and worthy of mention. My new phrases as of last night included a few clunky reworkings of time-honored cliches (variations on "dropping the kids off at the pool" among others). One might stick, though, even if only momentarily - "Sittin' on the Brewers' bench." As in, "Maya's been sittin' on the Brewers' bench" or "did you sit on the Brewers' bench again?" or even "after a good sit on the Brewers' bench she'll be ready to eat and go to bed." Because if you've been sittin' on the Brewers' bench, you must be REALLY shitty. Oh, and today's season opener against the equally crappy Pirates is the beginning of Milwaukee's latest decent into last place which will in all probability lead to their 13th losing season in a row. Regardless, if you've got better "poopy diaper" replacements to offer, I'd love to hear them.

Congress heads back to work today after a two-week Easter recess, and the issue all the pundits are drooling over is the so-called "nuclear option" proposal Ol' Doc Frist seems poised to push. Harry Reid's saying that the Dems will respond with uncharacteristic unanimity in shutting the Senate down if the GOP uses this option to cram through the 10 of Dubya's 214 judicial nominees that didn't get their vote in the first Bushie term. While Tom Delay wants to fight the judiciary, even Cheney wants to tone that down a smidge, and the rest of us are told to wait in the hallway like good children while the adults decide how to run the country. Loads of liberal bloggers are manning the ramparts. But this one's as hard to predict as a one-mile kitten race. Stay tuned.

Maya's other set of Grandparents are on their way from Wisconsin. Gotta pick up our otherwise tidy apartment prior to a run in the park and a drive to the airport. Joan and Herb are excited to meet their latest grandchild, and Maya's ready for more adoration, I'm sure. Look for pics very soon.


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