Friday, April 22, 2005

A challenge or two...

Seemingly out of the blue, Maya got sick yesterday. Not crazy, zoned-out sick. More accurately, she got gas yesterday. Bitchiness-inducing gas. But for a less-than-8-week-old, gas can be a major drag. Being young 'rents, we didn't know what was really wrong but we could surely tell by early afternoon that her discomfort needed a professional once-over. So we called our pediatrician's office and they got us in for a quickie appointment in the later afternoon. Luckily, we saw an old sage pediatrician (not our usual, very-competent doc) and he did a once over that included tapping on Maya's abdomen. The hollow sound that resulted was a telltale sign of gas - probably something Sarah ate that got passed on in her breast milk. We were deemed fine to travel, and given folksy advice on how to best clear her air, so to speak. So we started giving Maya "gripe water" (love the name), have been doing some massage, and letting her kick like a junior high soccer practice to try and move things along. It wouldn't matter much, but we're leaving for the airport to head to Chappell Hill, TX in less than an hour. To make matters even more challenging, now I'm sick, too. Just a cold, but I felt it coming on yesterday afternoon and now it's most assuredly here. Are we insane for travelling? Probably. But what's life without a challenge or 3.

So check back over the weekend for updates - I'm not bringing a laptop so my posts will be limited to audioblogging. Wish us luck. Rock on.

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