Monday, April 11, 2005

The heat gets a bit hotter for Delay

Maya and I spent much of yesterday chillin' and watchin' the Brewers lose a tough one to the Cubbies in 12 innings while Sarah slogged through work. Then we crossed the cultural divide and watched Tiger win his 4th Masters in thrilling fashion. Can't say that I'd so much as pee on a golf course if it was on fire, but I do appreciate the stressful mastery shown in the Majors. Tiger's a stud and has now proven that he can win as a married man. We wanted Chris DiMarco to pull it out and he came achingly close. Sports on TV seldom gets better than that final round and playoff.

Josh Bolton is currently before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee lying his way through testimony intended to show that he respects the U.N. enough to serve as our Ambassador. The Dems are getting feistier about this one, but I don't expect much in the way of major roadblocks. You never know though. Bolton strikes me as the kind of NeoCon that could get mighty pissy and decide to lob that grenade he keeps at the ready. Some protesters just got escorted from the Hearing Room (meekly having said that Bolton promotes nuclear proliferation). Gawd love C-SPAN.

But if there's any story in D.C. getting the ink today it's the calls coming from Republicans to investigate and generally shake-down Tom Delay. Chris Shays was an expected opponent from within the Republican ranks. Santorum, on the completely other hand, was not. Both gave their assessments on yesterday's yakfests. Both called for accountability from Delay. Both made news. I'll go way out on a limb here, but I think Delay's going to lose his leadership position. Trent Lott got jettisoned for a dumb, racism-tinged remark. Delay was reprimanded by the House three times before they changed the rules and dumped the Ethics Committee Chair. By my count there are at least three outstanding issues that would also typically merit similar investigations at the very least. We'll just have to wait and see. Anxiously.

Sadly, the Jenna Bush booty-shakin' tape has left the building. Drag. But I'm sure there will be others from the Bushie booty twins. Soon, too. You can take that one to the bank.


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