Friday, November 11, 2005

San Francisco gets its marching orders

Bill "Showers with a falafel" O'Reilly baked his noodle but good many years ago. But when you read through the extent of his comments about San Francisco after the ludicrous Special Election you must admit that he's gotten to a whole different party of CrazyTown. Apparently he was put over the top by the passage of measures to ban the sale of handguns in the City (like Chicago passed in '82) and a denial of access for military recruiters to student information (as clandestinely mandated by obscure language hidden in the No Child Left Behind education bill). San Francisco should leave the country. Get attacked by al Queda. Be ignored by the O'Reilly version of America. Aside from the insightfully snarky points made by the SF Comical (including that only tourists go to Coit Tower, which O'Reilly said should be blown up), I think we might be missing a decent opportunity to cut and run on America. Get out while the getting's good, I say. We could start by running the vastly outnumbered Republicans out of town on a rail. And then build a huge tie-dye-technicolor wall around our precious bastion. Or maybe we should all just make O'Reilly even more of a target for ridicule. "The Colbert Report`" is a good start, but there's much farther that we can go.

We're heading out of town today for a wedding in Carmel-by-the-Sea - easily the silliest town name not paid for by a silly TV show. Sounds like a lovely place and we can't wait to get Maya to the beach and such. Then to directly contrast the natural beauty, we head to DC for a few days immediately after. Another silly name for an even sillier place. Hopefully Maya and I can hit the Smithsonian on Monday. Expect more updates and fresh pics than this past week. Hope all's well with your own extensive collections. Rock on.


Anonymous said...

No Eric, really. Secede from the union. Please. We won't be mad. Honestly.


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