Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Bushies "made sure" what's the problem?

I'm not incensed like a standard GOP attack monkey by the argument over selling 6 American cities down the river of questionable Port security to that United Arab Emirates firm. The Bushies tried to spin us all this morning that Dubya "made sure" everything's proper with this silly deal. But this morning's denial from Scotty "Why is everyone so mean to me?" McClellan that Dubya knew nothing of this $6.8 BILLION sale under review by the Defense and Homeland Security departments until they'd approved its passage is causing major league mid-term election hives, I'm sure. The logical question is what they ACTUALLY brief Dubya on. Aside from that implicit absurdity, this whole issue sounds like a crock to me. Foreign companies have their hands on the throat of many important aspects of American security. Still - this teapot tempest convinces me that, 1) the Bushies no longer worry about outsourcing the running of the asylum to the really crazy mo-fos. And, 2) they've lost any grip on the commonly-held views of the "American People" they so often love to quote. Do I trust the UAE-aneese? Probably. Do the typically insensitive, paranoid members of Dubya's inner circle trust them? Shockingly, yes. Yet the many figures with regular access to TV cameras ("Senator Doctor Frist - your stand-up is ready...") are the ones to watch on this story. THE question left to be answered is "why are the Bushies allowing this to happen?" - is it this Dubai company's alleged connection with Treasury Secretary John Snow or the undeniable connection with Dubya appointee, David Sanborn (not the crappy saxophonist, to the best of my knowledge), that's got folks worried? As usual, I'm amazed that this story's legs seem stronger than that of the Veep shooting a man in the face or a GOP media faker being a gay prostitute. But if I've learned anything by living in California, it's to surf the wave rather than to let the wave surf you. Dude. However you slice this salami, no Bushie is going to look smart by letting us farm out our port security to the Middle East. I'd love to see Mary Matalin give it a shot after her monstrously bad performance on "Meet the Press" this past Sunday. Come to think of it, maybe that's what the Bushies need - shoot someone from the UAE in the face. Have them apologize. All is forgiven. Kapeesh?

Maya's First Birthday Party is coming up this weekend. We've been having lots of fun trying to dissect her new vocal sounds and increasingly balanced command of the upright World of pre-walking. She's so frickin' cute. Will she have new tricks for her fans on the Anniversary of Her Birth? Maybe. Expect all the updates herein thereafter. Hope all your own passed signposts are major ones today. Rock on.


vcthree said...

Hey! Get off Sanborn, will ya? Just because he's on countless album covers from 1980-whatever on, with a slicked-back mullet, that alone doesn't make him a crappy musician. His music's fine--I've listened to a great deal of it. He was just...not the best dresser in the eighties. Come to think of it, were any of the jazz musicians (other than Al Jarreau) ever great dressers?

I'm just sayin'.

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