Monday, February 27, 2006

Mayapalooza, Year One, exceeds all our expectations

On a weekend when the entire Nation was gripped by Don Knotts tributes and Ice Dancing withdrawal, we got to revel in a collective, extended celebration of Maya's First Birthday. Family and friends joined us yesterday for Maya's Party that we moved inside from the previously-planned location in Golden Gate Park when Hurricane Katrina appeared to be closing in on the Bay Area. Whatever the locale, Maya was as happy as Bill Clinton at an all-you-can-eat topless Mardi Gras buffet. Cool kids to play with. Loads of wrapping paper to dismantle. A couple of cupcakes to smear all over her growing-up-so-fast face. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was a rockin' bash. And then she went down for a hearty food-coma nap while most of the adults and a few of the kids continued to sing her praises. We couldn't have been happier about the turnout and outpouring of MayaLove.

But actually, today is Maya's Birthday. No party planned, just loads of noo-q-ler family hugs in between attempting to stack her passel of new toys in our shrinking and increasingly Crayola-tinged pad. Nonetheless, I think Maya's had a great day thus far. She got up early. Took what I can only describe second-hand as a satisfying dump. Munched on most of her new toys. Ate a hearty breakfast. Got out for a jog in the Park. Took another dump. And now she's down for a nap after a filling lunch. Since I praise her countless wonders on an almost daily basis, I'll leave it at that. Year One with her was a hoot. Can't wait for what's next. Thanks to everyone who's sent along their Birthday wishes. Maya says, and I quote, "ah bah da da oh oh (nummy sound)". Which means she loves y'all, too. Rock on.

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