Friday, February 10, 2006

"See, these terrorists. Well, they hate your Liberty, too."

Michael "Heckuva Job!" Brown gave all of the DC press corps a caffeine enema this morning. And reports have surfaced detailing how the Bushies were given the chance to quash his testimony using the argument of executive privilege. Of all people, Harriet Miers declined to stop Brownie from testifying. I haven't seen the video yet, but his confrontation with Norm "Son of a" Coleman sounds like a stunner. Brownie will be accused by the Bushies of trying to push blame back up the pipe to those above. That would typically fly, given that Brownie's obviously a wackjob. This time, however, I don't think it's gonna work when you look at what else is out there. The NYTimes went large this morning with a bundle of email records showing that the Bushies knew of the levee breaches MUCH earlier than they have claimed. Dubya may not have known. But his Chief of Staff (Andy Card) definitely knew. Gulp. If you're a GOP attack monkey - DoubleGulp. Expect plenty of traction on this story as we slam into the weekend with only the Winter Olympics to cushion our media's post-NFL detox.

Right from the start yesterday, Dubya talkin' up the so-called "Liberty Tower" plot in LA bothered me. I don't know LA all that well, certainly not downtown. But it's the Library Tower, and the timing of this disclosure in a speech to the National Guard smelled like leftover lutefisk. WAY fishy. Keith Olberman knocked the stuffing out of that disclosure - entirely worth the streamed minutes to watch it for the insight offered in a great set-up and concluding interview with Gerald Posner. Like everything else from the Bushies when it comes to their War on Terror, require verification. This alleged plot was the wrong modus operandi, the wrong timing and the wrong coordination for al Qaeda. Not to dwell too long, but Dubya was even dumb enough to require correction from his Staff on the actual target he described in the speech. He's always been a moron, but his once-feared Staff is now so clumsy. Could be a long three-years for some of those tools. Looks like one chap's been fired already this week - in this case maybe for getting Dubya in front of that Coretta Scott King memorial. Stay tuned for all the greasy details.

Maya didn't take too kindly to Collette this morning, even though it didn't seem to faze Collette at all. Maya's definitely a little clingy on such occasions. She's a strong little monkey so I'm not immune to getting a few dings from the handoff. Hope your own day is bruise-free. Rock on.

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