Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dubya heads for a Wipeout!

Dubya's budget is getting the ink this morning. I'm waiting for a GOP attack monkey to call it a "tough love" budget or something equally absurd. Their primary hope is to make the tax cuts permanent. Then, the Bushies want us to ignore all the sticky policy stuff (Wars currently underway or impending, the Alternative Minimum Tax mess, the ree-dee-cu-lousy new Medicare drug program, etc.). And we're still looking at projected over-$200 Billion annual deficits until 2010, when it dips to $180 Billion. To call this irresponsible would be overly kind. This is a bucket of spit.

The first viewship numbers on the Super Bowl are in, and the Country was definitely interested. Biggest numbers for any TV program since '96. Over 90 Million American viewers. I never buy all that "billion viewers worldwide" crapola. But big numbers here are interesting. Too bad it was such a bunk game. GoDaddy.com may have gotten tons of clueless soft-core porn traffic thanks to their TV ads, but I don't think the NFL gained any converts from the previously disinclined thanks to that snoozer.

You know you're living in California when the all local newzieness features exasperated reports of today's 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest at Half Moon Bay - supposedly the coolest and most dangerous big wave surf contest on the Planet. I'd love to head down there, but I'll have to rely on the TV coverage we'll surely see wall to wall tonight. I'm no surfer, but even I'm interested in this fest. The forecasters have been talking about 3-story-high waves. Nutty.

Hope your own waves break in the right direction all day. Rock on.

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