Tuesday, February 14, 2006

If only the Bushies were just full of snot...

Cheney is the only story today. Sure, there's lots of stuff that should be Page 1, Above the Fold. Like the U.S. and Israel trying to undermine a democratically-elected government in the Middle East. Or the U.S. having loads of trouble getting it's groove on in Torino - if we can only pull off snowboarding and speedskating medals, we're so screwed. Not to mention the dangerous swells forming from Katrina once again as the Bushies claim they've got a plan to elimate the lack of planning we've seen previously. Sorry, none of that crap has a strong-enough aroma to overpower the stench from the Veep shooting an old guy in the face and then trying to sit on the story. This story only gets funnier as the moments tick by and the Bushies' plan to joke about it backfires repeatedly.

My favorite early update was Scott McClellan acting like a complete punk bee-yahtch at this morning's White House presser. "Atomic Wedgie Recipient" Scotty tried to start in with the jokey-jokey about everyone's University of Texas burnt orange not being worn out of fear of being shot (IN THE FACE!) by Cheney. Groan. It took about 13 seconds for the Press to once again recognize the blood in the water and circle menacingly. I haven't seen the replays yet, but it sounds like "Half as Smart as Ari" Scotty left the Briefing Room in a tiff. Until we see Counselor Whittington's injuries, this story only grows. After that, it might explode. Seeing the Bushies blame each other for the delay in reporting the shooting is especially intriguing and ironic. Yet, all the while, the theatre of the absurd's longest running production sees its run extended.

Good news and bad newz in Maya's world this morning. I'll go good news first - she started to consistently clap her hands on command yesterday. Big props to Megan for working on that one. Maya's previous "good doggy!" trick (the High Five) was losing it's uniqueness, so we're psyched. But for the bad newz - she's got a cold. Snot, goofy sneezes, a low-down gurgly sound - she's got the standard mix. It came on late yesterday and is in fuller bloom this morning. Luckily, she has no idea what ails her and it's not so bad on the spectrum of such afflictions, speaking as the person who infected her. Hope you own diseases are no longer communicable. Rock on.

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