Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Susan, be a doll and forward me Karl's Outlook addressbook when you have a sec."

If you've got an iron stomach, you should listen to Cheney's interview with Jim Lehrer broadcast last night. There's more red meat in this 35-minute exchange than in all of Omaha. The horrendous half-truths and threateningly-cadenced tone that Big Dick offers gives hardcore Conservatives a hard-on. But I just think the man's utterly cracked. Is there anyone more Orwellian in your lifetime of watching politics? He's WAAAAY up at Number One in mine. He seems willing to offer absolutely nothing to his critics - the Bushies control the flow of info, War is Hell, sit down and shut up. Chilling. And compelling. Just imagine how much the rest of the World focuses on the occasional Cheney sighting. In this particular staging, Jim Lehrer got in some cagey questions. Calling Cheney on the claim that the so-called "terrorist surveillance program" had saved "thousands of American lives" was true balls. If there's any justice left in this Country, Cheney will be checked for the truth in that claim over the next few years. Regardless, the Bushies are worried. They know that Gonzo performed poorly at the Judiciary Committee. Cheney was damage control. I don't think the Bushies got what they were hoping for.

For those of you awaiting the Abramoff scandal's next juicy bit o' calamari, the WSJ has a complicated write-up detailing Abramoff's connections to David Safavian and Karl Rove. The best bit BY FAR - Karl Rove hired Abramoff's assistant (Susan Ralston) to work in the same capacity for him INSIDE the White House. How do you best make sure someone powerful always gets your calls? I'd answer "get that person to hire my secretary". Can't get much more direct than that. Lots of other grease in that story to come. Dubya can't avoid it forever, and I believe that the Bushies will be forced to acknowledge that eventually.

I think Sarah correctly diagnosed that Maya's getting her baby molars. No epic disturbances yet, but we'll keep you posted. Hope your own jaws are feeling fine. Rock on.


Katherine said...

Dude, I dig your blog. Very funny. I'm going to link to you on my new, like-minded blog. (Well, minus the children stuff. Don't have children.)

Keep it up out there in Cullyfoneeya.

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