Monday, February 13, 2006

No big deal - Cheney only winged him. But like in the head and chest.

Everyone's doing their best to snicker at the story of Dick "Big Time!" Cheney shooting that 78-year-old guy in the face. A hunting accident. The Dark Lord blowing off some steam with some Texas contributer fat cats. The inevitable downplaying of being shot in the face, neck and chest by a 28-gauge shotgun from 30 feet away. This sort of comedy writes itself. I think Al Franken has done it up especially well by positing Cheney and Dubya hunting together. You just need to read it yourself. Instant classic. But from my point of view, I still can't get over the anecdote of Cheney shooting a guy in the face. Think about it - Cheney fired an errant shot with a weapon that can surely kill a man, not taking the time to see what he was shooting at or what might get hurt if he tried to go for it. Anybody who's ever hunted (and I grew up in Wisconsin doing so) should take from this that Cheney's a dangerous sumbitch. History simply MUST use this accident as a Freudian slip to show the inner Overlord at his most devastating and real. He may talk a good game. But Cheney's obviously NOT the guy to look to in a fight, whether with farm-raised-for-the-slaughter quail or the entire Muslim World. He's the guy to run away from before it's too late.

My appreciation of gallows humor inspires me to keep an eye out for any pics taken of Counselor Whittington to go along with all the "who is this not-at-all-sexy GOP contributer?" stories getting ink this morning. This poor doofus already looks like he's covered in funeral parlor make-up.

Maya's got a new Radio Flyer walker-wagonish contraption over the weekend. There's not much in the way of steering possibilities and our teeny apartment doesn't give her much more than a short runway. You just kinda latch the kid on and hope they don't lean so far forward that they faceplant. Maya leans in too much unless you hold either her or the wagon back a bit. But if you let her go, it's amazing to see that she'll hold on to the very end. We need to take her outside and just let her cruise down a few blocks of sidewalk. Which makes me think that there should be toddler sizes of kneepads.

Anyhoo, time to get some real work done. Hope your own tangents are quickly redirected today. Rock on.

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