Monday, April 10, 2006

Boys vs. Girls vs. Other Girls vs. Hemaphrodites vs. Barry Bonds's 'roid-headed kids - we still like Maya's chances

Dubya gave a speech at Johns Hopkins foreign service school this morning. I just saw some choice bits in which he reluctantly took some overly bookish questions. In typical grad student fashion, the money shot question he was asked (dealing with the Valerie Plame "declassification" disclosure from last week) gave the Wiggler in Chief way too much room in response. But Dubya still managed to muck it up. Saying that his aim was to give us all a chance to "see the truth" (a phrase he repeated like a picked-on autistic kid with a stutter), Dubya continued to wear away the beach beneath his feet as he almost simultaneously managed to say that he couldn't comment on an ongoing investigation. And the curtain is pulled back just a bit more...

After starting 5-0, the New Brew Crew got shut out by the Diamondbacks yesterday. 5-1 is an tasty start, even if the teams they upended at home were far less than the class of the League. So now Milwaukee leaves the well-protected confines of Beer City and heads to St. Louis, home of Budweiser, the tough tough tough Cards, and, um...19th Century dreams of national importance. I couldn't be happier with the way the Brewers have entered the Season. I'm sure y'all feel the same way.

Megan watched Maya last evening so that we could go out to dinner at the Slanted Door with family. Maya's doing great - increasingly vocal and confident in her walking. But we're trying hard not to compare Maya's physical and mental development with that of her contemporaries. Because, let's face it, all new 'rents are horrendously biased. For example, one of the two Birthday parties we brought Maya to on Saturday was for her friend, Aidan, who's approximately 6-weeks younger yet climbs over obstacles like Robert Conrad on his best day in the "Battle of the Network Stars" back in the late 70s. Did we mind that Maya's more timid and less boisterous than Aidan? Not at all. Maya's more of a delicate flower and not a prick like...well, let's just stop the comparison right there. After all, girls are different than boys. Better. But different, too.

Hope your own comparisons are equally impartial today. Rock on.

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