Thursday, April 06, 2006

If Rove is such a history buff, where was "Dubya will do, and Cheney, too!" in '04?

Today for me represents one of those beautiful nuggets of American history that's hopelessly forgotten. Our 10th President, John Tyler, was sworn into office on this date 165 years ago, marking the first time a Vice President ascended given a President's death (or disgraceful resignation in the case of Nixon). Tyler and William Henry Harrison ("Dubya Double H" to all his homies) ran in 1840 using little other than the most famous campaign slogan of all time - "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!" Apologies to all of those that believe "I Like Ike" is the best example of such shorthanded shtick ever - you're just wrong. Tyler also had the ignominious honor of being the only President to ever leave office without a Party affiliation (he tossed the Whigs aside). And his entire Cabinet minus Sec. o' State Daniel Webster resigned in protest because of, um, the quality of horse meat in the White House kitchen or something equally ancient in principle. Here endeth today's history lessoneth. But I hope we all take a moment and silently cherish the idea of our 19th Century Presidents. They were largely a bunch of weak, compromised, utterly-corrupt children of privilege. Nothing at all like our modern moment of reference.

I'm not sure if y'all are struggling to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. We're all such thoroughly modern creatures, so I assume the added length of the evening daylight is making many of us truly feel that Spring is here or at least just around the corner. But for Maya, this whole shift hasn't really taken hold. She's now going to bed later, getting up later, and making no excuses for her lack of familial schedule adherence. Sleeping through the night - whenever that may be - is still reason enough to give her all the slack in the world. Still, I'd love to reset her clock and get this baby on the Spring Thing! Hope your own schedules leave ample time to appreciate that the Brewers swept their first series of the Season against the Pirates! Rock on.

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