Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dubya on Passover - I suggest giving him an extra large heap of bitter herbs.

Just a few thoughts to offer this morning before actually getting segwaying into fiction. This morning's discussion by Terry Gross from NPR's "Fresh Air" with Seymour Hersh regarding his latest "New Yorker" stunner was chilling. And fascinating. If you've not read that piece about Dubya's moronically-approved-and-scandalously-motivated plans for targeted strikes in Iran...just cut the crap and read it. Seriously. If we allow this Adminstration to follow through on their disasterous "operational" thinking, we are all collectively guilty. And screwed. If you have half an hour, listen to Sy plainly state in full why we're all so seriously in danger thanks to this Adminstration.

Big feastin' planned on our Coast this evening - besides being the first night of Passover, it's also Sarah' Birthday. So I put a SERIOUS hunk of brisket into the CrockPot this morning and intend to doctor-up a matzo ball soup this afternoon. Hope your own menus today are equally succulent. Rock on.

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