Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cleaning the Grunge off

For those of you keeping track of our travels (I'm talking to you, Mr. Best Damn Parole Officer in the World - I'll touch base next week), we're up in Seattle. The Emerald City. The Queen City. Formerly GrungeCity. The City just to the West of Microsoftalvania. Our soon-to-be again-and-new City. Being back in this context is a treat we've waited a number of years to be able to boldly embrace. So we're looking for new homes, and seeing old haunts. On a concentrated realtor tour today, we hit a number of highlights - Capitol Hill, Madison Park, Green Lake, Wallingford. More of the same and otherwise to come. And even though our "guy" today started off with the rather cheesy veneer of someone who wanted to up-sell or sideways-sell or dork-sell us on the claims that "everything's just dandy in the market" and "demand is still soooo darn high" and (essentially) "you're sweet people but you've got soooo much to learn"...we had a good day. And I've not even touched on the silly anecdotes we feel are worth noting thus far. Such as the woman sitting in the row ahead of us on our flight up getting called up for an early exit after landing to be arrested for "failure to appear" at a court date regarding a prostitution charge. Or Maya commandeeering a cellphone (her new favorite toy, to our dismay) and ACTUALLY dialing Aunt Katie somehow for a short and silly conversation. Or Maya figuring out how to unscrew the top off a half-full water bottle and showering herself with it without us even noticing while walking through U-Dub's glorious campus yesterday afternoon. Or my conversation with a 'Sconi guy yesterday who'd noticed my ubiquitous Milwaukee Brewers cap - he came up with THE tagline for this year that I'd not yet heard. Every 25 years, Milwaukee baseball makes an impact - 1957 (Braves beat the Spankees), 1982 (Brewers made their only World Series), 2007 (Brewers...?). Stay tuned.

However you slice it, an eventful trip thus far. More later. Rock on.


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