Friday, April 14, 2006

Forever Young...'cause someone has to be

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Expect the trashing of the incomparable legend that is, remains, will always be Neil Young to begin almost immediately. He's got a new protest album coming out. Doesn't exactly sound like he wrote and re-wrote and re-re-wrote the songs over the last 5 years given that he recorded it over three days. But the song "Impeach the President" is getting wacko press all over the spectrum this morning. Pre-ordering doesn't yet appear available. But stayed tuned and add this to your well-worn library of his past masterworks. Your kids will thank you. Eventually.

I'm having serious troubles with a part of urban life that I've always loved. Coffeehouses. I dig the din of activity and have spent mornings these past few months in yet another in a LONG series of places where I can get my double-espresso and just get weird, on my own. I always present an aloof appearance in a good cafe. Above all else, I prefer to let the action swirl around me and use it as background for other pursuits. But I always walk a fine line that dimishes over time since gregarious people in such places always eventually approach the silent stranger. For those of you without such habits, think of a bathhouse without all the nudity and imagine the vulnerability of being secretly friendly. Alas, herein - @ Java Beach in the farthest Outer Sunset right off Ocean Beach surrounded by locals, surfers, homeless people and the occasional hipster that appreciates astonishingly good service and damn good people watching - I've been officially outed. Too many people now know my gig and I got approached with friendly intent by 3 people this morning. So I must move on. Sadly. But if you're looking for one of my Top 10 All-Time Coolest Coffeehouses, head way out to this version of yonder. As of next week, you'll need to track me down elsewhere.

Hope your own pickin' leaves you constantly a grinnin' through SneakyBunny Weekend. Rock on.

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