Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Nation of Immigrants must also be a Nation of Historians

Like much of the nation, I'm flummoxed by the whole debate over immigration that's now flooding the nation's airwaves and spilled over into massive, organized protests. But like all of those without Native American blood, I'm a descendant of immigrants - largely from Scandinavia in the 19th Century. If my father's family hadn't been able to assume the right to 160 acres in Northernmost Wisconsin thanks to Lincoln's Homestead Act of 1862 which they had to settle and improve for 5 years before having to "prove up" their claim to that property...I'd probably be typing this entry from a internet cafe in Lillehammer sitting on a crappy IKEA couch instead of the plush leather number I'm fully sunk into just a block off the beach in beautiful Cullyfoneeya. So the claim that immigrants who live and work here shouldn't be able to "prove up" their desire to become citizens of a different generation strikes me as utter zenophobia. This, however, is not my area of even casual debate. I'm just stunned by the organization we're all seeing that's already gone into this on-the-fly movement in reaction to typically horrid legislation from the GOP attack monkey-led House.

The Brewers lost a tough one last night in St. Louis, 6-4. They've got the day off today. I suggest they rent some DVDs, order in BBQ, and get some rest. No hookers or 'roids in the butt, boys - we're in the Race for real this year! After all, they won't have another day off until April 27th. Gotta love the ironman aspect of MLB. Hope your own schedules today also allow you time for reflection. Rock on.

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