Friday, April 21, 2006

The Cheney position on diplomatic efforts

There's one photo the World should see this morning - Dick Cheney napping during the Oval Office portion of Chinese President Hu's visit yesterday. The NYPost is the only U.S. paper to run the photo and their permissions policy is preventing me from copying it currently. But I expect we'll see a lot more of it. More important than this insult, the "official" visit with the Chinese was a series of gaffes that will I'm sure piss them off disproportionately while the Bushies remain clueless. Everyone's fixating on the Falun Gong protester getting in her rant to the lowkey consternation of the Chinese. Dana Milbank's piece in this morning's WashingtonPost, however, lists a litany of protocol screw-ups well beyond the high visibility outburst on the lawn. I expect that Cheney would say that nothing went wrong. It appears that his eyes were only a bit more closed than the rest of the Bushies diplomatic corps.

Maya's walkin', poopin' and whoopin' it up like a pro lately. Our nanny, Megan, took her to the zoo yesterday and apparently Maya woke up from her morning nap long enough to take a hearty stab at the petting zoo. No tigers were involved, as far as I know. Hope your own outreach efforts are met with tactile pleasure today. Rock on.

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