Thursday, March 16, 2006

Daisy Duke stands up to Boss Hogg, at long last.

We all know Jessica Simpson. Hotter-than-hot dumb-ass blonde. Painfully over-exposed by our celebrity-obsessed media. Lived in my garage for a few weeks while dealing with her painful separtion from Nick Lachey. Eats nothing but Oreos, Kettle Chips and Sominex. Full of silicone. Dumb as a post. Y'know - normal American twentyish divorcee. But then I saw this morning how even JESSICA SIMPSON is running away from any association with Dubya. Apparently, J-Dumbo doesn't want to adversely affect her plastic surgery charity (in all seriousness, it's called Operation Smile) by attending a GOP fundraiser tangentially with Dubya. On a morning when the Bushies are trying to emphasize their right to pre-emptively attack Iran and the GOP attack monkeys are trying to rally behind a banner meant to tag the nation's ballsiest living Senator (Feingold, ascending to Wellstone's tragically-vacated position) as a traitor, I doubt that any story will have more impact than this cheesy tartlet's defection. No word yet on what Jessica's believe-it-or-not less-talented sister, um, Stinkifer, has to say about the Bushie agenda.

Hope your own siblings totally, like, sign off on your agenda, like, today. Rock on.

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