Friday, March 17, 2006

"South Park" hits a ligitious nerve - alert all the John Smiths in Hollywood (watch the credits to get the joke)

Wow. If you have 21 minutes and 40 astonished seconds to blow and care to watch the origins of a total legal shitestorm, you NEED to watch the "South Park" Scientology episode that was pulled from Comedy Central in response to legal threats from Tom Cruise and L. Ron Hubbard's "Church" lawyers. Just for added flavor, Issac Hayes (the voice of Chef over 9 seasons, yet sadly another brainwash victim) quit over this episode claiming that he couldn't tolerate the criticism of religion (translation - "my" religion). If you could hear me now, you'd hear me still laughing from the aggregation of this absurdity. The episode is great. Not as great as the dissection of the Mormons from a few seasons ago. But bloody well brilliant, nonetheless. The internet is seemingly now best used to view just this sort of viral controversy. The poster on YouTube claims to have "found" the video in a rental shop. Whatever you believe, enjoy.

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