Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DeLay fiddles while Houston burns

To beat a horse that doesn't yet realize it's dead, Tom DeLay's the dumbest prick on the planet. Most including myself expect he'll win today's Texas Republican Primary election for his formerly safe seat. Yet he may still face a run-off. Not to mention an unimaginably tough race in the Fall. So how does the Hammer plan to spend the day? At a fundraiser in DC with lobbyists Susan Molinari and Bill Paxon. If you're a Republican, how's that thumb in the eye feeling? If you said, "just fine", I want to reassure you that you've got others coming from DeLay. On the Karma bus, Tom DeLay's sitting next to James Frey. Hope one of them remembered to fill a flask.

My favorite post-Oscars stat of the morning - all 5 of the Best Picture nominees combined grossed less than "March of the Penguins". Sarah didn't have much of a warm and fuzzy feeling from renting "Penguins" a ways back, which I sadly missed because of my weekly baby seals clubbing club. With clubs. Am I still typing out loud?

Hope your own grosses are commodius today. Whatever that means. Rock on.

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