Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm back. On second thought, not really...

Rumors of my blogging demise have been greatly exaggerated. I just needed to step away for a few days to focus my energy on other pursuits and wait for the news to catch up with me. Sadly, it seems as though we're in a time-warp yet again this Monday. Dubya's prepping a PR cycle to explain just how darn much we're winning in Iraq. Wake me up when he says anything about our "progress" other than "we're makin' good". And with much of the nation gripped by pre-March Madness madness, I'm feeling lukeish. Not Skywalker, just sort of tepid. Barry Bonds is still a ludicrously large-'roid-headed jerk, this weekend's GOP attack monkey straw poll for their fave '08 Candidate generated as much heat as the anticipation of NBC's '06 Winter Olympics highlight DVDs hitting the market, Ex-Bushie Claude Aikens (not the 70s TV star, but the Top Policy Adviser in the White House) is outed for a lame Target scheme that every desperate frat guy in the nation has contemplated at some point, Kirby Puckett is still dead, Edgerin James is headed to Phoenix, and we're all being lulled once again into silence. There's not enough caffeine in the world to make this morning's papers interesting.

On second thought, I'll be better off putting up some Maya pics later today and putting aside the news. Hope you're able to prioritize equally well today. Rock on.

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