Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The allure of the toilet awakes

The West Virginnie mine disaster will focus a moment of outrage on the anti-miner conditions now characterizing the industry. Will it make any difference? Given that the mining industry executive currently running the Bushies' Labor Department Mining Health and Safety Administration (Richard Sickler) and his predecessor (Dave Lauriski) have been so utterly aligned with the bidness side mining, I doubt this will do much except supply People Magazine with some cover-story fodder. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy almost surely the direct fault of the mining company's violation-prone history. But it will soon to be swept aside in favor of sexier stories, to be certain.

Case in point - the Jack Abramoff story is DC's King Kong currently climbing up the tallest TV towers in the land. By coppin' a plea, I'm sure his book deal to come will help to cover whatever sort of lawyerly protection he'll need to dump the dirt he's holding all over the Congress. Should be ugly and utterly delightful to watch for those of us inclined to care about such scandalous insight into the corridors of Power.

Maya just erupted into post-morning nap consciousness. She's really a bundle of fun and games these days. Throwing things in the toilet is her new favorite activity - magazines, socks, bathtub toys. She's really into the "taking out, putting in" activities whether it's the toilet or less enticing containers. Hope your own brood is inclined less toward the water sports. Rock on.

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