Friday, January 13, 2006

"And they've got a heckuva lot of great garbage for kids to pick through."

Even though everyone's resigned to the unfortunate reality that Samuel Alito will be given a lifetime job as one of the biggest dicks in DC, the Dems are delaying the vote. Unless they've got a reason to dump on the dood, they need to capitulate in this particular case. They'd be better off making a big deal of how lame the whole process was rather than putting up this momentary speed bump. I can't say strongly enough what a bad taste Alito leaves on my palate. But being whiny after being so ineffectual is exactly why so few of the natural allies of Democratic positions are willing to stand with them when times are actually tough. Make fun of the guy. Mock his teary wife. Follow his dick of a kid around campus. Say that we are further headed down the wrong road. But vote. Seriously.

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So Dubya's dumb enough to cart out his "heckuva" moniker when it comes to NOLA. Has anyone in the known world forgotten how dumb "Brownie, yer doin' a heckuva job" sounded? We really are the blind being led by the dumb.

Maya just erupted into consciousness after a satisfyingly long nap. I know she'll want to post much more commentary over the weekend, so please check back. Hope your own floodwaters have receded considerably. Rock on.

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