Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Was Frey really fried or just a fraud? A new perspective.

Of all the things I should be doing at the moment, further reading about the James Frey story of inventing his own history is at number 843 of 847. Call it a brief break from my own "memoir in motion". But I was struck by the insider honesty of the piece I read on Publisher's Weekly site by Heather King who's also gone through rehab at Hazelden. I've had many shifting reactions to this story which I realize ain't exactly the most compelling story for people that think of writing as a chore in comparison with a calling. Nonetheless, Heather King's take now seems to me to be the most honest. Taken in double-dosage with the release of Oprah's next pick for her Book Club, I'm now entirely feeling like I've been messed with in previously promoting the style over the substance of Frey's shtick. In short, this guy is a fraud. But worth reading for the comparative analysis if for no other reason.


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