Monday, January 16, 2006

"Way to go Johnny Drama!"

With Maya offering some pre-show complaints from the back bedroom, I'm watching the delayed coverage of the Golden Globes. Holy crap! Did you know that one of the camera shots now utilized in the uncomfortable Billy Bush-like interviews is the toe-to-head shot? Not head-to-toe, mind you - they start at the feet and pan up until the director is satisfied by the ugly reaction from the actor's head. I just saw them do it to Charlize Theron and Mandy Moore. Not surprisingly, they didn't do so for Queen Latifah. Royalty, ya know.

Lovin' the Al Gore reunion-indignation tour started this afternoon. Big Al called for an independent investigation of Dubya's warrantless NSA evesdroppin' program. Kudos.

Sorry...we're entirely distracted by the utterly REE-DEE-Q-LUST banter on the red carpet outside the Golden Globules. I'll give a breakdown tomorrow. Thank you to the Foreign Press Association for the opportunity to hang out with Al Roker and Michael Bolton. And to all my fans in the balcony - I LOVE YOUSE GUISE!

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