Monday, January 09, 2006

Schwarzenegger rumbles on to Victory, smashes melon

The Guhvuhnator is testing a new voter outreach program - once again with his family and love for moh-toh-cy-culls on full display. Or actually, Ah-nolled creamed a Brentwood soccer mom's Volvo wagon yesterday. No word on whether he was wearing a helmet, but he did need 15 stitches to his lip. So we should also expect that his accent will be even MORE outrageous in the weeks ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, start your impressions!

We rented "Cinderella Man" last night - my rating is a lukewarm C. A good, rousing finale, but the fight scenes are too rapid-fire and the emotional background bunk is pretty much by the numbers. Good performances, especially by the adorable hungry urchins. But you would have thought that Ron Howard would have taken the time to watch "Raging Bull" or even "Million Dollar Baby" before taking on this project. James Braddock was an amazing American sports story. I just don't think the bankable braintrust that is Grazer/Howard did anything worth bragging about herein. Save yourself the rental fee, and watch it on HBO or its less-impressive brethren when it comes out. I'm sure it will be playing there approximately ever 11 minutes for 8-months thereafter.

Hated seeing Carson Palmer go down with a knee injury yesterday. The Cincinnati Bengals are still the Bungles as a result. Drag. But it does give those of us that care another chance to see Steelers coach, Bill Cowher, scowl at his competition next week. The Patriots are also clicking like a 8-legged-tapdancer as evidenced by their dismantling of the Jags, the Panthers pooped all over the Manning Family victory tour, and the Redskins kept alive hope for all of DC that someone will write a few stories in the Post about something other than Samuel Alito's horrible avoidances and stylish comb-over. Hope your own newsbriefs are freshly washed and unbunched at the moment. Rock on.

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