Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lohan sets the record straight, wears bikini

For once, the real thing lived up to and surpassed the hype. Texas beat USC in the National Championship game last night in the Rose Bowl. 41-38. Over 1100 combined yards, bone-crushing tackles, insanely good performances from the most highly touted college players in decades, marvelously coiffed cheerleaders shaking the crap out of their pom poms throughout, enough Keith Jackson high quality commentary to last well into the middle of 2008. I did end up losing $1 to my father-in-law by picking USC. And as a Big 10 grad, I find the use of the Rose Bowl in this BCS BS to be utterly distasteful. But so long as these sorts of games come along, I'm all in, Baby.

I heard that Condi "Does This Pantsuit Make My Ego Look Big?" Rice characterized Ariel Sharon as a "gigantic figure" in the Middle East. Bad move. Don't insult the guy's "glandular problem" when he's fighting for his life. Even if he's a total fatty.

The NYTimes features a plan from Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) to buyout tons of NOLA for $80B. And Baker's a seriously freaky fiscal conservative. This plan may have legs, though. My question is rhetorical when I wonder whether this would be lumped on top of the $62.3B already allocated. Of course it will be. Mind-boggling figures, regardless.

More details on the appalling safety record of the Sago Mine in W.VA. 273 citations in two years. Holy crap. I think that's even more than Lindsey Lohan's gotten.

Speaking of adding insult to injury, Miss Lohan bares much (but sadly not all) in a "Vanity Fair" piece describing her eating disorder, drug use, beastiality, cannibalism and various murder sprees. Or something to that effect. Check it out. Rock on.

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