Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When all else fails, repeat.

Since Dubya can't stop lying about his illegal NSA spying program, I can only join the chorus of those chilled by his defenses. Today's visit to the previously unmentionable NSA (famously nicknamed "No Such Agency") should make news based on the sheer audacity of the Bushies' revisionism. But it won't. Still, Dubya now says that the people snared in this NSA net are "operatives placed in this Country" fully ignoring the fact that they are American citizens, placed here by no one aside from their ancestors. And then the NSA Director, General Michael Hayden, went on to say that if we'd had this program in place before 9/11, we might have discovered the plot and found some of the hijackers. Dick "Big Time!" Cheney's used that same false line of argument recently and it still stinks. Which entirely clouds the issue - none of the 9/11 hijackers were American citizens, the FBI has been shown to have known of the activities of many of those 15 foreign nationals, and their communications have been shown to be almost entirely domestic in nature. So unless this NSA program is entirely different than what they're admitting to, they wouldn't have found anything that they didn't already have before 9/11 even though the Bushies did absolutely nothing about it. Kapeesh? You would think that at least Hayden would have read "The 9/11 Commission Report" which entirely debunks his erroneous post facto claims. I've read the Report, and I can tell you as just one concerned observer that what we're seeing this week from the Bushies is a smokescreen. And a stinky one at that.

Blogger's going down for a "scheduled outage" just as I finally build up the steam for a hearty rant. Oh, well - I'll probably preserve more of the ozone layer by backing off for today. Hope your own environments are clean and clear. Rock on.

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