Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Does the 'Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism' count?"

A few issues that require a quick venting this morning...

  • The White House is blocking the release of details concerning Jack "Off" Abramhoff's meetings with Bushie officials. Something to hide? Absolutely. As Frank Rich postulated this weekend, finding a photo with Dubya and Jack-off would be the new Clinton-Lewinsky hug. And I'm willing to bet a dozen jelly donuts that it's out there somewhere.
  • The House Republicans got out in front of the train yesterday by releasing new lobbying ethics reforms. To call it a load of shite would be far too generous. Especially when you parse the details like the WashingtonPost did. Most astonishingly, if you couple a free trip, meal or happy ending with a campaign contribution - all's copacetic. So correct me if I'm missing the point here. If you give both freebies AND campaign money, you're good. If you give just freebies, bad. Reform? Jesus on a pogostick, can we please get on this issue and beat there crooks over the head with it!
  • N'Awlins Mayor Ray Nagin is unfortunately my new pick as the dumbest politician in America given his "chocolate" quote yesterday. I've never liked the guy even though I think he got the rawest deal in the history of raw deals by being abandoned by the Feds. But this dumbassity shall hurt that reconstruction more than another hurricane.
  • And Paula Abdul's back on the sauce. As if she were ever off it. She missed a press event because of a so-called "eye infection". I expect Scott McClellan to be questioned rigorously today about what this may mean to the War on Terror. Which by the way, is still the dumbest name for a so-called war since the 100 Years War. Look it up.
Hope your own battles are better named today. Rock on.


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